Product Information



NTSS natural thin stone veneer is designed to be used on indoor and outdoor projects, from houses to feature walls, fireplaces and commercial buildings. 

Light weight versatility meets natural stone beauty. 


Cut​​ to a thickness of 1" - 1  1/2" (through the body of the stone), NTSS does not require a brick ledge. Perfect for retro-fitting, or adding stone to interior walls.  

Our thin veneer is less than 15 lbs per square foot.

Most of the stone blends you see are also available in a full bed 4" building stone. Call us to get the details.

Why we love it

Natural stone has limitless blending possibilities, and NTSS is more than willing to customize a blend to your specifications. 

Natural Thin Stone Solutions is accessible and affordable to people who share our love for the beauty of authentic stone.

New Blends / Custom Blends

Each year we come up with new natural stone blends, whether it's granite or limestone, we are excited to share these with you. Some of these are shown below.


Depending on what your dealer has in stock and the time of year we can manufacture without long wait times. All of our stone is quarried and manufactured right here in Ontario Canada. 


Question: Can I install NTSS myself?

Answer: NTSS strongly recommends consulting with a mason, but we'd never say never. Call us, and we'll help you decide if DIY is an option for you.

Question: Isn't NTSS way more expensive then cultured / fake stone?

Answer: No. If you can afford fake stone, you can afford real stone.

Question: Where can NTSS be installed?

Answer: Anywhere. At under 15lbs / sqft .... where there's a wall, there's a way.

Question: Does NTSS come in panels?

Answer: Proudly, NO. Part of the beauty of natural stone is its versatility. Dry stack, jointed, linear, random... we prefer to keep your options open, and allow you to decide which look is best for your project.

Question: Can I combine NTSS stones to make my own blend?

Answer: Beautiful! We have deliberately structured our pricing so that stone that work with one another in terms of cut / profile are all the same price, so blending can be done based on beauty, not budget.

Question: What if I like your blends but I plan to use full bed stone on my house? 

Answer: No problem! Many of our projects have involved full bed stone, and all of our NTSS lines are available in full bed as well.